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We offer a wide variety of services to customers and business alike. We have a long experience in telecommunication services and we offer a competitive service with excellent quality and cheap rates.

MapleCall prides on its services to give you the best solution for all your domestic and international calls.

Full Customer Service Experience

MapleCall provides a friendly and experienced Customer Service support to give you all the help you need. Let your calling experience begin here and leave the rest on us.

Clear Calls

High call quality that meets your standards & expectations.

MapleCall is a leading telecommunication provider

Call Anywhere, from Anywhere

MapleCall is flexible. Unlike international calling plans from cell phone service providers, your plan follows you. You can call internationally from your registered phone, or any non registered phone, even internationally. That’s right, your plan isn’t tied to your phone! Now that’s real freedom.

Lower Rates - More Talk Time!

International calling can be very expensive, especially when using a big carrier service. MapleCall understands that you want to talk longer with less cost, so we keep our rates low and you only pay for what you use and we have no connection fees.

No contract

Get our great international calling rates with no contract. We are truly a risk free alternative to big phone companies’ international calling plans.

Low rates

MapleCall provides international calling rates that beat big carriers and work with any phone plan. No need to change your domestic provider!

Easy to use

Call from any phone with or without PINs or access numbers but save huge over traditional carries. It’s fast and easy.

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